Byron Benbow, CPA


Byron is currently a senior auditor with a regional public accounting firm in Nashville. He’s a graduate of Iowa State University, Economics, and Belmont University, Masters in Accountancy. He has significant experience in auditing and regulatory compliance with non-profits. He’s an avid outdoorsman and enjoys running with his dog on the Richland Creek Greenway.

Elizabeth Stein


Elizabeth grew up, went to school, and works in the Richland Creek watershed. She has worked at Nashville State Community College since 2006 and completed her PhD in English (Applied Linguistics Concentration) from the University of Memphis in 2010. Elizabeth participated in stream cleanups and tree plantings for RCWA for years before joining the Board in 2013. She is currently the Secretary.

Judy Beasley, JD

Judy has lived in the Richland Creek watershed all her life, except for her college days at the University of Florida, where she received a minor in Environmental Studies while earning a B.A. in Political Science and then pursuing a law degree. She grew up playing in the tributaries bordering Vaughn’s Gap, and now enjoys the Richland Creek Greenway near her home in Sylvan Park. She also works in the watershed, as Executive Vice President and General Counsel for Freeman Webb. She no longer brings home snakes in jars, but did recently raise 75 Grey Tree Frogs from tadpoles rescued from a freezing horse trough.

Monette Rebecca, B.S.


Monette has lived in Nashville for 25 years and in the Richland Creek watershed for the last eight years. Formerly a business owner in the culinary and healing arts, she attended Middle Tennessee State University to study Environmental Science with a focus on Water Resources and Biology. After graduation in 2003, Monette worked as an Environmental Coordinator for Plastech Engineering Corporation, an automobile parts manufacturer, and later as Staff Scientist for an environmental consulting firm, URS Corporation.  All of her past work experience seemed to become a repeated reminder how clean freshwater has an undeniable and integral part in every aspect of human life and sustenance.  Richland Creek became a means to express her allegiance to this truth and motivation to start RCWA (2007).

Steve B. Curnutte

Steve a graduate of Vanderbilt University (1976), has lived in the watershed since 1982, and is currently Senior Vice President at Financial Federal Bank where he has worked since 1988. A small tributary to Kingfisher Branch runs through Steve’s backyard and it is a “mecca” for fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and small mammals that he and his family have enjoyed for the past 16 years.

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