Stakeholder, Monette Rebecca, B.S. Environmental Science discovered a need for a public alliance to protect Richland Creek soon after she moved into the area, Sylvan Park. After observing a gully washer rain event and the large volume of NPS pollution entering the creek at Charlotte Avenue she was motivated to begin an assessment of the watershed. This led to the creation of RCWA.

About a year of visual assessment, historical research, and researching regulatory reporting for streams in the watershed followed. She created a PowerPoint presentation to introduce the Richland Creek Watershed Alliance project in January 2007, which was presented to local leaders and organizations for peer review. The alliance’s primary objectives were introduced as: educating the public on water resource sustainability and related issues and to encourage stakeholder participation in stewardship projects and programs aimed at the protection of this historically and environmentally significant watershed.

Founded in 2007, RCWA was incorporated in 2008 and acquired 501c3 tax-exempt (public charity) status in 2010. Alliance refers to members whose mutual efforts generate success for our mission.

Our Mission:

To educate, advocate and participate in activities and scientific research that improve, protect and enhance the sustainability of the Richland Creek watershed.

Richland Creek Watershed Alliance:

  • Connects stakeholders to the significance of their watershed and talks about impacts affecting streams viability.
  • Establishes cooperative, practical and effective programs that all stakeholders can participate.
  • Seeks partnerships with neighborhoods, businesses, government, schools, churches and environmental groups.
  • Reviews permits and proposals to prevent further stream degradation or increases in flood risk.
  • Supports projects and development that address stream conservation and ecological sustainability.
Richland Creek Watershed Alliance. All rights reserved. Richland Creek Watershed Alliance is a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation.