Partner-up volunteers for our water bird survey #2.

September 28, 2015

Water Bird Survey announcementThe Richland Creek Watershed Alliance (RCWA) and Nashville State Community College (NSCC) formed a partnership in 2014 to develop this water bird survey project for Richland Creek. Water birds depend on aquatic habitats, and the Richland Creek ecosystem serves as a home and migratory stop for them. The survey will be a fun experience for volunteers and help bring awareness to the dependency water birds have on Richland Creek habitats. This is the second survey of our pilot study. RCWA plans to conduct similar projects for the future, as part of the RCWA Wildlife Monitoring Initiative.

To register as a survey participant, Contact Us, and we will send you a pledge/waiver to fill out, sign and return to us, by  by September 19, via email (, or mail (RCWA, P. O. Box 92016 Nashville, TN 37209). If you have a partner, please include their name with the other information on the form back to us. Partners will need to submit a waiver/pledge form also. Each Survey Station needs two volunteers, so if you don’t have a partner we will assign you one.  The survey will be conducted September 28 (Monday) from 6:00 until 7:00 p.m.  The species you are likely to see are seen below. RCWA has seen observed ten of the thirteen species for survey feeding from Richland Creek. April volunteers counted 92 individulas, 11 of the 13 species shown below.  A storm was rolling-in that evening last April that impacts birds’ activity.

WaterBirdSurvey Species

Each participant submitting a signed-form, will then be sent the link to our online Water Bird Survey Training Guide, which you need to study, and includes all the details volunteers need to know for pariticipating.

An accurate account of pledged participants is needed by the September 19 date, so we have enough time to mail participansts the Survey Cards they will use to record observations on. Directions to your  Survey Station, and your partner’s name will be emailed to you.  Join the fun, and make a difference supporting Richland Creek’s beautiful water birds!


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