Join us on this journey. We cannot get there without you.

Monette Rebecca 2012 photoWithout active and purposeful engagement in its protection and improvement, the water quality and ecology of any urban stream will continue to suffer. RCWA works side by side with stakeholders and remains steadfast to its mission and vision—protect and restore Richland Creek into a safe resource for children to explore and learn about the fish, turtles, crawfish, salamanders, beavers, birds and other wildlife living in a healthy ecosystem. We work to show how a stream system can be seen as a community asset to the real estate values of its bordering communities and widely perceived as important in consideration of any kind of development or land use decision. There are tangible regional and economic benefits for maintaining clean, healthy and safe streams.

A river cannot be any cleaner than the streams flowing to it. The care and attention by those who live nearby makes the difference. These things, hard fought to restore, establish and preserve, will be sustained by future generations of Richland Creek Watershed Alliance members and partners. Preservation and improvement of urban waterways is a daunting task made complicated by the large number of people living and working in the watershed, and by the lack of understanding of cause and effect relationship of water pollution and habitat loss. A freshwater resource will reach a breaking point without stakeholder advocacy for making the leap—letting go of outdated practices and decisions known to be harmful to freshwater resources.

A river cannot be any cleaner than the streams flowing to it.

Our programs offer opportunities to share and learn in the form of scientific studies, restoration projects, educational forums and active participation in planning, to ameliorate pollution and prevent more loss of Richland Creek habitat. Our achievements have put the Creek on an improved path and on the minds of decision-makers and stakeholders. Campaigns launched for a better outcome, projects and studies completed with volunteers and the service of stakeholders on our Board have produced results, but there is still much to do.

As Nashville grows, a healthy Richland Creek can only come along for the ride, if stakeholders drive.

Monette Rebecca
Founding Director

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