It’s easy to be a part of the #grabthelitter campaign! That’s the Cumberland River behind me and it gets all the trash left on the ground unless we grab the litter beforehand!

Litter is ugly and attracts more litterbugs!

Simple actions add up! Once a week, take a short walk in your neighborhood, park, urban center, or creek to grab the litter and recycle what you can. Email us your photo with a couple of details, and we’ll repost it to encourage others to do the same good deed! Or, you can post it on social media, with the hashtag #grabthelitter, and we’ll find and repost it. Don’t forget, everything on the ground ends up in the waterway. The more of us that do this, and pass it along across social media, the less litter there will be going into our waterways.

Did you know…

  • Microplastics in our oceans outnumber the 4 billion stars in the Milky Way?
  • About half the debris found on beaches is single-use plastics?
  • More than 100,000 marine animals die from plastic trash consumption every year? And this doesn’t include seabirds.


  1. You can grab the litter when you walk your dog, on the greenway, or on your street! A good time to pick up on the street is right after trash pick-up day.
  2. Put a bag in your back pocket and be sure to wash your hands when you’re done.
  3. As you walk in one direction, notice the trash and grab it on your way back, so you don’t have to carry it back and forth.
  4. Don’t forget the hashtag #grabthelitter

Recycle what you can! Know the curbside recycle items!

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