Metro Planning Commission approves St. Thomas rezone request

The Metro Planning Commission approved, with conditions the St. Thomas Hospital Specific Plan (rezone) at thier March 26 Public Hearing.  Conditions were directed to be completed with filing of thier final Specific Plan.

Conditions include:

  • Stream bank restoration and removal of all the impervious surfaces on the old Knights of Columbus (KOC) property
  • A Conservaiton Overlay be placed on the floodway portion of the Imperial House property and on all of the KOC property
  • Traffic Impact Study completed for area

St. Thomas will seek approval from the Metro Council right away, with the first reading expected to be in April and second reading already scheduled for May 5, 2015 (Public Hearing).

Get the Metro staff report filed with Planning, including prelimnary site plan here.

The Planning Commission approved development of 450,000 square feet of mixed use and 230 residential units on 6.76 acres next to the currently designated Richland Creek floodway. Land use rights from both properties (office retail & residential) were combined and placed onto the old Imperial House property (Parcel B), zoned RM 40.  Photo of the Imperial House property was taken May 2010.

Metro Stormwater approved the Plan as filed, stating the 75-foot floodway buffer requirement was exempt because property was previously developed.

We will keep you updated.

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