RCWA’s programs are designed to help protect, restore and enhance the Ecosystem. Working together with local residents, community leaders and businesses, through various outreach programs and educational opportunities, Richland Creek can become a worthy stream again, a true urban treasure.

Our programs include:

  • Education and Outreach

    • Produce publications about stream conservation
    • Provide fun and educational creek experiences
    • Offer educational presentations
    • Train citizen scientists
  • Water Quality Protection

    • Conduct water quality monitoring
    • Identify sources of pollution and address citizen concerns
    • Collaborate with public & private sectors for healthy streams
    • Conduct periodic stream clean ups
    • Review permits and proposals to prevent further degradation
  • Stream Habitat Restoration and Wildlife Protection

    • Advocate for protection, reclamation and restoration of riparian zone
    • Identify stream areas needing restoration
    • Facilitate riparian renewal projects 
    • Document species living in the ecosystem
    • Pursue resources and partnerships for long-term restoration of Richland Creek
    • Work with watershed stakeholders to create stream friendly environments and habitats
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