Chancery Court will review Ordinance BL2015-1094

RCWA filed documents requesting Chancery Court review Ordinance BL2015-1094, the Saint Thomas Hospital Specific Plan that Metro Council approved May 21, 2015.  August 14, 2015 Judge McCoy denied  Motion to Dismiss the case.

A Summary Judgement hearing has been scheduled for June 24, 2016, 9 AM. Please check “updates” at the bottom of this post for latest news about our case.

More background… RCWA spoke out and submitted comments at the public hearings of the Metro Planning Commission and Council. We also sent a letter to Metro Water Services Assistant Director, Tom Palko on May 11, questiioning the department’s exemption of the floodway buffer requirement for the St. Thomas Plan.  This irregularity, and the failure to use the latest FEMA Flood maps were the reasons why RCWA asked for clarification from Chancery Court.

The Imperial House property May 2010, St. Thomas redevelopment site.

The Imperial House  May 2010, St. Thomas redevelopment site.

RCWA does not like to spend time and $$ in court actions, but if we don’t act, Richland Creek will not survive urbanization.

The decision to move forward with intense development in the floodplain, WITHOUT stream buffer protection will cause irreversible harm to Richland Creek, while increasing flood risk, and setting a precedence for more of the same throughout Davidson County.

Protecting the floodway buffer requirement RULE is good for all the streams and residents in Davidson County. Intense development in floodplains inevitably creates a call for expensive flood control measures to be installed that threaten aquatic ecosytems. Our mission is to protect Richland Creek, its ability to support fish and aquatic life.

To help defend Nashville’s freshwater resources…  Donate online here, or by mail to: “RCWA” P.O. Box 92016 Nashville, TN 37209.  Thank you.

Davidson County Chancery Court, Case #15-0643-II         
September 9, 2016 – Summary Judgement Hearing (Judicial Officer Bonnyman, Claudia C)
July 1, 2016 – Order transferring case from Part II to Part I
June 27, 2016 Summary Judgement (Order of Recusal)
August 14, 2015 Motion to Dismiss, Denied.
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