Without constant attention, any urban stream would continue to suffer… 

Since our inception (2007), we’ve been dedicated on protecting and restoring the Richland Creek ecosystem. Our big successes result from activities conducted over a period of several years, with direct support from the Richland Creek community and partners.

Great Blue Heron fishing Richland Creek

Some big achievements, so far:

  • Removed over 51 tons of trash and debris from Richland Creek and its tributaries.
  • With the help of 500 volunteers, worked to restore biodiversity and health to 8,500 linear-feet of stream bank… Planting native trees on 3 acres, and eradicating invasive species on more than 2 acres of riparian buffer.
  • Completed three scientific studies for the Richland Creek ecosystem; and for the past 3 years, conducted a water bird study in partnership with the Nashville State Community College, with a goal to continue for 10-years.
  • Advocated successfully for reclamation of 54,000 square feet of Richland Creek riparian buffer.
  • Intervened on several project-designs, resulting in improved design for stream protection and renewal.
  • Advocated for three stream branches to be recognized for better protection.
  • Successfully launched campaign regarding an excessive water withdrawal practice that resulted in the activity acquiring a permit and operating in a manner more protective of Richland Creek, and for the associated dam to be removed as mitigation.
  • Identified dozens of springs for protection, and helped collect water quality data for baseline comparison.
  • Brought attention to a pristine spring-fed waterfall, donating and helping with its permanent protection.
  • Produced numerous reports, publications, workshops and educational presentations for water and stream conservation, resulting-in thousands more people becoming attentive about the health and sustainably of Richland Creek. We’ve engaged over 2500 volunteers in our activities, so far.
  • Successfully resolved a legal dispute with Metro and St. Thomas Hospital regarding redevelopment of a floodplain and as a result, the stream buffer was protected and Metro Council passed an Ordinance eliminating the conflicting language so that all stream buffers in Nashville are protected.
  • With four local environmental nonprofit partners, formed the Nashville Waterways Consortium that launched R!VIVE! Nashville—A campaign to inspire action for clean water and healthy streams for current and future generations…


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