A watershed is a land area that drains water above and below the surface to a single resource, like Richland Creek.

We all play a role in the many functions of the watershed we live in. The health of our waterway depends on how we use the land of our watershed. Collective action is necessary for a watershed to have a healthy waterway and ecosystem. The only way to achieve this goal is to preserve the watershed’s purpose and functions. We are the answer!

From the beginning, when we ask people “what is a watershed?”, the most common answer we receive is “I don’t know.” Everyone lives in a watershed, and every property is part of it. For that reason, each person living in a watershed has a stake, and can benefit when it’s functioning. Currently, Nashville is dealing with vast urban growth, and as result, stormwater issues are growing too. The good news is, when stakeholders understand a watershed’s functions, they are able to work towards resolving stormwater issues, and have clean water and a healthy ecosystem and environment to reside in.

Here is a bit of feedback from a few of the people that saw the WE story in it’s entirety…

Left me with the importance the land is to the waterway!
Lisa – Cyclist and nature lover

I’m so surprised how much I learned, didn’t know!
Steve – Fisherman and wildlife enthusiast

Loved all the maps and photos! Even though it was educational, it really kept my attention!
Deb – Environmental advocate

The WE story, in its entirety, will be accessible online in the future, but we are offering presentations to the public until then. Sign up for our eNews to stay updated on dates and venues. Until then, take a look at our most recent blog, Small actions can change the world.

In the meantime, check out the Richland Creek Soils Map, one of several we’ve created for the WE story. This map is interactive! Click to get more information on the various soil types in our watershed. To get the full USDA description, download this pdf. Find more information about soil on our Get the Dirt on Soil blog piece.

Richland Creek Soils

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